Mission 500
Ed Several and Andrea Ferrando presented a check to World Vision Mexico for $10,000, during ExpoSeguridad Mexico 2014.

Mission 500, Miami, a non-profit initiative focusing its efforts on the security industry and dedicated to serving the needs of children and communities in crisis, reached a milestone of 100-plus children during ExpoSeguridad Mexico 2014 held in Mexico City — and with this achievement, more than 500 children are now sponsored in that country alone. During a gala dinner hosted on April 9, 2014, four leading distributors in Mexico took the stage, each accompanied by a World Vision sponsored child in Mexico. Between the four — including Anixter, Inalarm, TVC en Linea and Syscom — they already sponsor almost 300 children. During the time of the gala, Mission 500 in Mexico had 409 sponsored children, but during the event, Lucy Rivero, founder of Inalarm, directly challenged the audience to help them reach their milestone of 500 children while the dinner was taking place. Syscom committed to 20 more children, followed by Anixter committing to another 18 and TVC en Linea committing to another 20.

During the same event, the show organizers, led by Ed Several, senior vicepresident of Reed Exhibitions, and Andrea Ferrando, show director, presented a check to World Vision Mexico for  $10,000, representing part of the proceeds raised from the sales of gala dinner tickets.

In presenting World Vision with the check, Andrea Ferrando of ExpoSeguridad and executive board member for Mission 500, said, “There are over 50 million people living in poverty in Mexico; 10 million are children, many of whom live on the streets in sub-standard living conditions. It is our duty as a company doing business in Mexico to raise awareness of their plight and contribute in any way we can.”

 George Fletcher, Mission 500 volunteer and advisory board member added, “It is wonderful to see four of Mexico’s leading companies publicly stand up at an event like this, in front of local industry professionals, and show strong leadership in combating child poverty in partnership with Word Vision. They are to be commended for inspiring so many others; many companies and individuals are joining the effort because of this.”