Telguard introduced the industry’s first truly universal Z-Wave garage door controller, the Telguard GDC1. The UL 325 certified GDC1 was designed and built to Telguard’s specifications by FortrezZ using the binary switch command class. The binary switch is one of the fundamental command classes in Z-Wave home automation, and found in the Z-Wave platform of Telguard’s own HomeControl interactive service and in other interactive platforms including Icontrol Networks, 2GIG, DSC and many more.

The Telguard GDC1 works with any automatic garage door opener connected to a sectional garage door with all entrapment protections in place. It can be quickly and easily installed by anyone simply by pairing it with a Z-Wave controller, mounting the unit and sensor, connecting two wires and plugging it in. The GDC1 can be added to a home automation system to receive notifications if a garage door has been opened when it shouldn’t be or ensure that the garage door is closed at a specific time every night. If the system’s Z-Wave gateway has a mobile app, it can be used to remotely control or monitor the garage door from anywhere.

Adhering to the stringent UL safety guidelines established for the unattended operation of garage doors, the GDC1 is the safe way to remotely open or close a garage door. Because you never know which way a garage door will move, the Telguard GDC1 delivers peace of mind by attempting to close the garage door a second time if the first attempt is unsuccessful.

For added safety the Telguard GDC1:

-          Provides five seconds of audible and visual warnings prior to remote movement.

-          Has the ability to cancel movement locally during the warning period.

-          Will suspend unattended operation after two consecutive failed closing attempts.

“Telguard’s foresight to use an already approved command class, which is a universal building block within the Z-Wave world, to meet a need missing in the home automation ecosystem is very impressive,” said Stella Szasz, VP Operations, FortrezZ. “We are happy to be working with Telguard to make their innovation a reality.”

The Telguard GDC1 will beavailable through traditional security and online distributors in December 2014. 

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