So you broke the bank and spent countless hours building that perfect website to generate leads by the thousands. So do you launch it and forget it? Time and time again potential clients will ask, “Should I be changing/updating my website on a monthly basis?" Our answer: Is the Pope Catholic? Yes!

A great analogy that we like to use is that building your website is like building that perfect racecar. You get the best people you can possibly find and build that perfect car for your next big race, but only when you physically get the racecar on the track for a few practice laps can you truly take the data from those practice laps and really make the car go even faster. And the same can be said about your website.

With the proper tracking tools we can follow how many visitors have visited the site and where exactly on the page visitors have clicked. We can even track how far down each page visitors are scrolling. Cool stuff, huh? But what does this mean? How do you react? The reality is that each site is a little different. Imagine having a chocolate store. Each visitor will want something different, so if you only offered one type of chocolate chances are the majority of people that walk in your door will automatically walk right out within seconds. After being open for a few days your instincts will tell you that you need to start mixing it up, you know, try a few things. The same can be said about your website.

So what do racecars and chocolate have to do with helping you create more leads from your website? Well, your website should have multiple pages, multiple tones and multiple page layouts. Huh? Let’s say you are a residential alarm company and on your “home security” page you have a few pictures and a long scroll of text that has generated around five leads a month over the last three months. By this point its pretty much a numbers game, you know each month you’ll generate around five leads, so five leads per month is your benchmark. Time to dig deep and introduce the world to personality number two. Create another page that sells the same exact thing, but this time make the page a little bit lighter in tone. Talk about the busy lifestyle of typical families, show multiple pictures of parents with their children, take some of the great videos your manufacturer provides and put a lighter call to action on your form. Maybe even try putting some emotional music that makes them think of their family. Once you have two pages selling the same service or product you can split test them. The data will speak for itself. You’ll be able to see (with the proper tracking tools) which of the pages gets the most time spent on it and which one generates more leads. And should the new testing page fail, then guess what? At least now you know. Then reach deep down inside again and bring out another personality to test the waters.

The point is that every two or three months you should be testing your website by making changes to it; change the colors of your call-to-action buttons, change the positioning of your forms (upper right hand always do better — that one was free), try adding video or automation to your pages. Heck, even try being funny. As we mentioned in the past, we found fathers that would give anything to check on their teenage daughters while they are out and about, so why not create a page that targets fathers on social media with a landing page that asks, “Want to know what your teenage daughter is doing at this very moment?” You never know, it might just be your biggest lead generator yet.

We’ve learned many things in our four-year venture within the security industry when it comes to the art of Web conversions. For example not all Web visitors want to read a long scrolling page of text. Instead sometimes we’ve created websites that have zero content — all video. Video that created an emotional connection and “selltained” Web visitors on technology features that can adapt to their busy lifestyles. Use local images on your geo-landing pages (SEO pages that pull up for local serachs and put  a local phone number instead of your 800 number and you’ll probably see an increase in conversions.

 Until next time. Believe in being great, believe in being different and believe in the purple cow! For more, visit