samsung_ISCSamsung Techwin America’s Wi-Fi IP outdoor camera, the SmartCam HD Outdoor, is now available at major retailers including Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics and major online retailers such as and

This product is designed to offer simple setup and installation, full 1080p HD streaming video (up to 720p on handheld mobile devices) and a 128-degree ultra-wide angle field of view allowing consumers to monitor a wide perspective of daytime and nighttime outdoor activity via website or mobile device. The SmartCam HD Outdoor camera features a dual component design in which the camera and lens stay outside (IP 66 weatherproof) while the Wi-Fi module and power supply are placed inside, connected by a cable. This setup ensures a strong Wi-Fi signal reaches the device and powers the camera when outdoor power is not readily available. The SmartCam HD Outdoor also features a built-in microSD memory card slot, which allows for secure video storage while eliminating any monthly cloud recording fees.

“Having the ability to monitor activity occurring outside the home or business in real time is important to ensuring a safe environment indoors,” said Mike Palazzolo, vice president of marketing and sales, Samsung Techwin America. “The SmartCam HD Outdoor allows users from anywhere in the world to ensure their home, family and pets are safe and secure.”

Some features of the product include the following:

  • Dual Component Design:The device has been designed to withstand the elements and has been engineered with a discreet and sophisticated dual-component design.
  • High-Quality Video:The SmartCam HD Outdoor offers superb detail no matter how dimly lit the environment may be. The large CMOS sensor allows more amounts of light to be captured, yielding more dynamic colors and details in the video compared with a smaller size sensor.
  • Night Vision Capability: Infrared LEDs provide true day and night viewing to the user. The product comes with a night vision mode, providing a range of up to 50 feet.
  • Local Storage on MicroSD card:  Video can be recorded directly to the camera via a microSD slot, which can support a card up to 32GB. Depending on efficiency and viewing habits, recording can be set for continuous or based on motion triggered events. The locally saved video can also be accessed and viewed remotely from a mobile device.
  • Live Video Monitoring: The free SmartCam app allows users to view live footage of their home or business from anywhere in the world.
  • Real-Time Alerts:The device can also be set up to automatically record video when motion is detected within the frame or in a user-defined area. Users can have alerts of motion detection sent in real time via email orpush notifications to their mobile device.
  • Low Bandwidth Usage: With Samsung’s highly efficient bandwidth utilization, and by applying advanced compression technology, the SmartCam HD Outdoor’s video is streamed using low network bandwidth. 

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