SCAN Security recently rolled out its portfolio of remote monitoring technologies to a Long Island community largely made up of second homes and vacation retreats. In this location, SCAN could help customers keep tabs on seasonal home systems remotely from anywhere in the world.

SCAN constructed a targeted sales push touting Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services to end users in the community. The company thoroughly trained its sales force on the benefits, functionalities and capabilities Total Connect offers end users, when paired with a Honeywell security system. This training armed each sales person with the ability to craft a custom recommendation for specific system monitoring features that would fit in with individual customer needs for remote monitoring.

In one case, SCAN installed Total Connect at a customer’s vacation home during a renovation. Soon after installation, Total Connect paid off by alerting SCAN of a potential issue.

The customer’s seaside home resides in a community devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Because of this issue, SCAN recommended adding flood sensors to help detect potential flooding and prevent extensive water damage. The dealer installed flood sensors in rooms throughout the house considered to be at high-risk for flooding, such as the attic, utility room and laundry room.

 On a particularly hot day, the flood sensors detected over-condensation on an air handler in the attic that triggered a water alarm. Thanks to SCAN’s 24-hour monitoring service, the issue was quickly detected before damage occurred. A service company re-insulated piping in the attic to prevent condensation and any potential damage related to condensation.