To provide you astounding control, the Incredible Connectivity Suite includes RapidLink, RapidWeb and Rapidmobile, the Next Generation App.

Our custom applications are designed to provide comprehensive account management in the office and onsite and include activating accounts, viewing real-time activity, entering no-action, viewing and editing extensive account options. Advanced features: interactive maps, listening to voice recordings, viewing Videofied® and SureView® clips, generating reports, integrated billing management and more.

For your customers, the Suite includes, and MySecurity Account and LifeSafety Apps, as well as MySecurity Account Pro and LifeSafety Pro for access to unlimited accounts from a single login. All Suite Apps are iOS®/Android™.

All are designed for residential and commercial customers and provide extensive access, customizable by you, that includes view/edit options, Videofied home-control services, instant dispatch and cancellation requests, system test functions, mPERS tracking, managing unlimited accounts from a single login and more.

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