CSAA International, Vienna, Va., announced three recipients of the CSAA International President’s Special Recognition Award for 2014. They are Shannon Woodman, Washington Alarm Inc. Seattle; Stanley Oppenheim, DGA Security Systems Inc., New York City, and Harlin McEwen, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Ithaca, N.Y.

Each year the president of CSAA can elect to recognize special individuals who have given of their time and efforts to the association. These awards are usually presented during the association’s annual meeting in October, but this year were delayed because CSAA’s event, scheduled to be held in Bermuda, was canceled due to the threat of Hurricane Gonzalo.

“Shannon Woodman was selected as a recipient of a 2014 President’s Special Recognition Award in recognition of the time she has committed as chairperson of the Membership Committee. Under her leadership we have seen membership in CSAA increase and we are grateful for her input and guidance in leading us forward,” said Jay Hauhn, president of CSAA.

“It is nice to be recognized for my volunteer work over the years,” said Woodman. “The CSAA staff does an outstanding job of keeping track of all the committees and the work the committees do. There are many members of CSAA who give a tremendous amount of their valuable time to make our industry better. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work.”

Hauhn stated that “Stanley Oppenheim is a recipient this year because of the many years he has devoted to serving on the CSAA board, for his strong support of CSAA’s branding efforts and especially for his leadership in spearheading the creation and installation of the alarm museum housed in the CSAA offices,” said Hauhn. “The museum created a much needed repository for the many significant artifacts that comprise the history of our important industry.  We are certain that the museum will continue to grow under his strong guidance.”

 Harlin McEwen was selected as a recipient of a 2014 President’s Special Recognition Award in recognition of his service, commitment and support of CSAA and the alarm industry.  Hauhn noted that “with more than five decades of experience as both an advocate for public safety telecommunications issues and as a career law enforcement officer and administrator, he has left an indelible mark and we cannot thank you enough for your service. “ McEwen replied, “The beautiful 2014 CSAA President’s Special Recognition Award is very much appreciated. I have enjoyed working with the members of the CSAA for many years and this was a truly unexpected honor.”