Canon U.S.A. has expanded its line of network cameras with 10 new models in a variety of resolutions and designs to serve the needs of a wide range of video security and surveillance applications. Delivering superb imaging, low-light performance, high-resolution detail, and vital color information through advanced imaging sensors and two proprietary Canon DIGIC processors (DIGIC DV III and DIGIC NET II), these new cameras provide the image quality necessary for detailed video analysis, the manufacturer described.

Additionally, these new network cameras provide built-in video analytics that assist in identifying picture details, such as moving, removed, and abandoned object detection, which can be used in a broad range of security applications.

“Canon continually advances its network cameras to deliver features and innovations helping to maximize the advantages of video over IP for security applications and environments,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A.

Key shared features of these models include an improved H.264 algorithm for remarkable image quality at lower bit rates, simultaneous delivery of two H.264 and three M-JPEG video streams in multiple sizes and resolutions for versatility in monitoring and recording, scheduled custom video settings for optimal image capture according to the time of day, onboard video analytics for advanced detection and analysis, outstanding low-light performance and more, according to Canon U.S.A.

All 10 cameras are Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) 2.2 Profile S conformant to help ensure maximum interoperability with other third-party ONVIF Profile S recording systems.

Key Shared Features

Helping to ensure superb imaging with outstanding low-light performance, high-resolution detail and capturing of vital color information in these cameras begins with their built-in genuine Canon wide-angle zoom lenses with advanced lens coatings, the company stated. (The Canon VB-H43 and VB-H42 PTZ cameras include a built-in 20x wide-angle zoom lens with 12x digital zoom and a wide 60.4 degree angle of view).

The images are captured by a CMOS sensor producing 2.1 or 1.3 MP images. The images are processed by a proprietary Canon DIGIC DV III processor, which helps optimize image quality by minimizing noise, creating images with smooth gradations and accurate color reproduction, described the manufacturer. They are then compressed and encrypted by the DIGIC NET II network video processor, which can simultaneously transmit the image in multiple resolutions and codecs (H.264 and M-JPEG) to meet various end-user needs. Additionally, a new H.264 algorithm has been applied to deliver high-resolution video with low bandwidth utilization and low disk space usage.

The cameras all include built-in video analytics that assist in identifying potentially crucial picture details, such as moving, removed and abandoned object detection as well as passing (or tripwire) detection. User adjustable in terms of detection characteristics (sensitivity, area and duration), video analytics can engage configured alarms and notification functions. Camera analytics include detection of camera tampering and abnormal sound levels that can indicate vandalism. These cameras also include a user-adjustable privacy mask function to block sensitive locations.

VB-H43 & VB-M42 Cameras

The VB-H43 and VB-M42 PTZ cameras offer a 60.4 degree angle of view lens with 20x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom. Both models offer a relative pan/tilt speed mode function, which slows the pan/tilt speed as the zoom factor is increased in order to help ensure accurate surveillance by reducing the possibility that the camera operator may pan beyond a moving subject. A recorded video utility feature enables users to record H.264 and M-JPEG images or video automatically to an SD, SDHC, or SDXC card during a network outage, or manually through a viewer. Videos can also be played back directly from the camera.

Additional flexibility is provided by the cameras’ custom video settings, which allow the user to create up to four customized camera video settings, helping to optimize the image quality throughout an entire day and night. Settings that can be customized include exposure, shutter speed, iris, gain, white balance and noise reduction.

VB-H630VE, VB-M620VE, VB-H630D & VB-M620D Cameras

The VB-H630VE, VB-M620VE, VB-H630D and VB-M620D fixed dome cameras feature an enhanced PTR mechanism design that reduces the likelihood that the point of view might shift due to vibrations or impacts. All of these models offer Canon’s remote adjustment function which allows installers to use a password-protected Internet connection to remotely fine-tune a camera’s viewing area and focus settings whenever it’s required. These cameras also feature a built-in 112-degree wide-angle lens with 3x optical zoom for clear, high-quality images, the company described.

VB-H730F & VB-M720F Cameras

The new Canon VB-H730F and VB-M720F fixed “box” network cameras feature a genuine Canon wide angle lens with 112.6-deg. horizontal field of view and 3x optical zoom (4x digital zoom), providing installation flexibility. The lens is designed to maintain superb image clarity throughout the entire field of view and zoom range, both in day and nighttime conditions, Canon U.S.A. described.

VB-S805D & VB-S905F Cameras

The S-Series VB-S805D ultra-compact fixed micro dome camera and VB-S905F micro box network camera offer H.264 and/or M-JPEG streams in 1280 x 720 16:9 aspect ratio, 1280 x 960 4:3 aspect ratio video, and other video resolutions to suit multiple needs.

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