AVAD LLC offers its customers access to TRENDnet, a global manufacturer of networking and surveillance hardware for residential and commercial applications.

TRENDnet offers wired and wireless solutions including routers, switches, PoE devices, cameras and USB accessories. Since 1990, the brand has evolved along with developments in connected lifestyles and workplaces, and leveraged an ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification to make networking hardware easier to use and more reliable, AVAD described.

TRENDnet recently expanded its portfolio of outdoor cameras, access points, gigabit switches, and powerline adapters to offer a complete ecosystem of connectivity products. Among its recent announcements is the availability of a 10 dBi outdoor PoE access point (model TEW-738APBO), which is IP67 rated for extreme weather conditions.

“Wired and wireless data access has become non-negotiable for home users and modern businesses over the past few years, and TRENDnet is a clear category leader because of their commitment to reliability and award-winning product engineering,” said Hugh Hughes, director of merchandising at AVAD. “They’ve earned the tagline ‘Networks People Trust’ thanks to a reputation for providing value to integrators. Their PoE solutions provide significant installation cost savings, their accessories are rated for high performance, and their surveillance products make it simple to set up an end-to-end system.”

 For information, visit www.trendnet.com or www.avad.com