Vivint, Provo, Utah, announced the Vivint Doorbell Camera, a new Wi-Fi enabled smart home product that integrates seamlessly with the Vivint Sky smart home system. Customers can engage in two-way conversations with visitors on their doorsteps from their mobile devices, and use Vivint’s smart home technology to remotely unlock the front door, open the garage door, disarm their security system, and more.


Featuring the most compact design on the market, the Vivint Doorbell Camera is the first product of its kind to integrate with a smart home system. It features advanced video analytics to alert homeowners to approaching visitors with customized notifications not only to a mobile device, but also to the Vivint SkyControl panel inside the home.


As soon as the Vivint Doorbell Camera detects a visitor, it begins recording video with audio and saves 30-second clips for later, on-demand viewing. It also automatically broadcasts a live video feed to the Vivint SkyControl panel, as well as to linked mobile devices. With the camera’s built-in microphone and speaker, homeowners can have a visual, two-way conversation with the visitor on their doorstep, remotely from any mobile device.


“We’re constantly working to give our customers the best in smart home technology by adding greater intelligence and convenience to their busy lives,” said Jeremy Warren, CTO of Vivint. “With the Vivint Doorbell Camera, we combined brilliant technology and elegant design to provide a doorstep experience like no other in the marketplace.” 


Key features of the Vivint Doorbell Camera include:


·         180-Degree View – The 180-degree lens shows your entire doorstep in high quality video, without a distorted fish-bowl view.


·         Night Vision– With night vision technology, you can see visitors approaching your home even in low-light conditions.


·         Two-Way Communication – Advanced echo cancellation and noise isolation provide an enhanced two-way communication experience from a mobile device. The built-in, omnidimensional microphone makes conversations clear and easy to understand.


·         Digital Peephole- The seven-inch screen of the Vivint SkyControl panel acts as a “digital peephole” so you can get a clear view of your doorstep from within your home.


·         Live Video On Demand– You can check in to view live video of your doorstep at any time.


·         Smart Home Integration– Vivint customers can remotely unlock their doors and disarm their security system to let in a friend, all from the Vivint mobile app. Customers can also remotely open a garage door to receive a delivery.


·         Customizable Notifications – You can customize the notifications to your mobile devices every time a visitor is detected, ensuring that you receive only the information you want.


·         Recorded Clips–The cloud-based Smart Clips service gives you on-demand access to recorded doorstep clips with audio. You can even share your clips with family and friends right from the Vivint mobile app.


·         Chimes– In addition to a traditional doorbell chime, you can choose from several chime options for your Vivint SkyControl panel.


Encased in a sleek black and silver design, the Vivint Doorbell Camera is now available in the U.S. and Canada as part of every professionally installed Vivint smart home package. For more information, visit