SentryNet has partnered with SecureNet Technologies. The SecureNet “take over” gateway for existing security panels won’t require the dealer to swap out the panel, wiring or sensors, allowing for cost effective upgrades to old 2G accounts, and adding functionality for the customer. 
Installing the SecureNet gateway enables full interactive security and home control capabilities. The customer can control security, video, lights, locks, thermostats and other connected devices, via their smartphone, tablet or computer. These gateways are available with toggle switch compatibility for GE, Honeywell and DSC panel models. This flexibility is designed to minimize inventory because technicians can easily select which panel the gateway is being attached to.
SecureNet provides a secure, managed communication path between the customer’s premises and SentryNet. Unlike traditional alarm transport, the platform eliminates signal relay. SecureNet provides a direct “always-on” path resulting in a faster and more reliable connection utilizing the latest AES encryption technology while remaining continually supervised. SentryNet is notified immediately if there is an interruption to the security system such as a panel tamper, loss of power, battery backup or loss of connectivity. Alarm Communications is delivered via IP, cellular (GSM/CDMA) or both with full redundancy as an option. This platform maintains a permanent, direct connection to the customers’ home with instant control and feedback to avoid frustrating delays. If someone manually unlocks or locks a door, or turns a light on or off, it will update the customer’s device, no matter where the customer is.
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