IDIS, a global surveillance solution provider, and 4Sight Imaging, an imaging technology company, have integrated DirectIP with Veracity, a powerful and intuitive license-plate recognition (LPR) software engine, the companies described.

The IDIS and 4Sight solution combines leading image analysis technologies with next-generation DirectIP HD cameras, leveraging the latest system architectures and advances in solid-state lighting to allow a wide, multi-lane field of view that is accurate across a wide range of weather, lighting and plate conditions. According to a press release, the solution is 10 times more accurate in independent comparative testing.

The solution eliminates the challenges traditionally associated with LPR systems by removing complicated setup, configuration and constant maintenance and system adjustments made possible through both companies’ patented plug-and-play technology. The result translates to low system configuration and simple, fast deployment that delivers benefits in terms of affordability and continued low cost of ownership.

The solution is designed to recognize international plates and to be future-proof by leveraging new developments in camera hardware, system architectures and processing power.

Keith Drummond, senior sales director, IDIS America, said, “There is natural synergy between IDIS and 4Sight Imaging with both organizations committed to delivering high-performance technology combined with plug-and-play simplicity that offers ease of installation and operation and a low cost of ownership. We can now offer exactly that in terms of an LPR solution following the successful integration of DirectIP and Veracity.”

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