IPVideo Corporation, manufacturer of IP-based video surveillance and command center solutions, designed the CargoCam to serve as an ideal way to view and record HD surveillance video from within aircraft cargo bays. The purpose-built CargoCam combines a 3MP video camera, rechargeable battery and WiFi/4G model within a custom housing that’s outfitted with a powerful suction cup for quick and easy mounting to the inside of an airplane cargo hold. The camera can be installed in seconds, providing immediate, temporary surveillance video. The CargoCam may be used in conjunction with the SentryVMS VMS, for highly secure, easy access to live and recorded video from computer workstations or mobile devices. A single SentryVMS server can support an entire fleet of CargoCams, making it an ideal tool for port authorities and security management teams of airlines. The CargoCam can also be used with many third-party VMS solutions and can record directly to the camera’s local SD card.

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