LILIN has combined the cost-effectiveness of analog cameras with the effectiveness of 360-deg. panoramic video surveillance in its new CMD2422 series HD 2MP sensor dome surveillance camera. Providing a sphere of 360-deg. coverage in 1600 x 1200 pixel HD resolution, the camera accurately monitors a scene up to 4,000 sq. ft. Four independent views from a single camera reduce camera count, cabling and the personnel needed to administer surveillance for lower cost of ownership without compromising situational awareness, the manufacturer described. The video of each of the four independently operated D1 resolution channels is dewarped to avoid the fisheye distortion. Also, in the event of a criminal act, the CMD2422 series makes more video data available for post-incident analysis. No mechanical PTZ motor is necessary. Other features of the camera include an IR cut filter for true day and night imaging, RS-485 control interface, IP66 outdoor rating and on-screen display setup for faster installation.