White Rabbit Electronics, the venture from Bold Technologies’ CEO Rod Coles and President Chuck Speck, has received a published patent application for part of its new Smart Hub. The hub, which works exclusively with Bold Technologies’ Manitou software, links existing home automation and security devices with a central station to create a system that operates without any direct user interaction. The patent applies to the hub’s “user awareness,” i.e., its ability to detect user presence by monitoring the Wi-Fi around a premises and identifying user phones.  
User awareness allows the product to arm and disarm a security system based on the presence of family members, with no manual input to a keypad. When all family members leave the home, it automatically arms the system. When it senses a family member arriving home, it disarms it. In addition to home security, the Smart Hub’s user awareness can be applied to smart home devices, to provide automatic functionality based on user preferences.
“User awareness is currently the missing piece in taking security systems and home automation systems to the next level,” said Coles. “We’re pleased to have the patent finalized so we can include this critical element and make the Smart Hub the most innovative product possible.” 
The securing of this published patent application is another step in White Rabbit’s continuing Evolution campaign, which will see the product through its final beta testing and production rollout. The company is also anticipating the finalization of a second patent for technology to be utilized in a future update of the Smart Hub. 
White Rabbit Electronics will be showcasing their Smart Hub at CEDIA Expo 2015 in October. 
Visit www.whiterabbitalarm.com for information.
has received a published patent application for part of its new Smart Hub.