3xLOGIC Inc., a provider of integrated intelligent security solutions, announced the schedules for new BICSI-recognized video certification and access control certification training courses.

These courses are designed to provide a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience. Courses are taught throughout the year at locations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The two courses are:

  • 3xLOGIC Video Certification training — This two-day course covers VISIX cameras, VIGIL servers and VIGIL software including server, client, VCM, POS, EAC and video analytics. BICSI recognizes 3xLOGIC Video Certification training for 13 BICSI continuing education credits.
  • 3xLOGIC Access Control Certification training — This three-day course covers infinias Intelli-M Access essentials, professional and corporate as well as eIDC32 hardware, custom reporting, rules engine, LDAP integration, calendar integration, variations of peripherals, video integration and more. BICSI recognizes 3xLOGIC Access Control Certification training for 18 BICSI continuing education credits.

“I have had the pleasure of instructing hands-on classes for integrators, dealers, distributors and end-users for over five years,” said Donny Shaffer, 3xLOGIC director of training. “Every component of the class is hands-on and team oriented. The class fosters an environment of open communication and learning, not only from the instructor, but from each other. Our training is unique because you get to see things from a perspective that typically you’re not exposed to. The attendees love the format and are pleased that they are not forced to sit through three days of PowerPoint presentations, like so many of the courses available within the industry.”

 Visit www.3xlogic.com for more information.