Exacq Technologies, part of the security products business unit of Tyco, introduced a native integration with Kantech EntraPass access control system for immediate response to events. exacqVision version 7.2 VMS software also includes setup indicators, a new list search mode, push notifications in Exacq mobile and alert configuration in Enterprise System Manager (ESM), a health monitoring program for use with exacqVision Enterprise NVRs.

The new exacqVision Kantech integration combines access control into the exacqVision VMS for seamless management and monitoring of building entry points. The Kantech integration combined with exacqVision Camera Links, introduced in exacqVision 7.0, allows users to see and control doors and locks directly from the live view page of the exacqVision client.

With push notifications from the latest Exacq mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices, any event monitors configured within the exacqVision client can be pushed to a user’s mobile device. This feature allows Exacq mobile app users to open the event in the triggered state and instantly take action if necessary.

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