Affiliated Monitoring seeks to offer dealers ways to stay ahead of the competition offering up-to-date services through its monitoring center.

Beyond its traditional and essential function of monitoring customers’ systems, Affiliated Monitoring said the right monitoring center serves as a partner, offering services that let a company run its business easier and better, while focusing on what it does best: selling to and servicing customers.

“Dealers look for monitoring centers that can help them run their business smarter,” said Daniel Oppenheim, vice president of Affiliated Monitoring based in Union, N.J. “This includes easy-to-use data dashboards and continuing to roll out the most up-to-date services such as AlarmBiller, the cloud-based billing software, which has true integrations with the monitoring center’s data through APIs and has opportunities for customization based on how the dealer does business.” 

Though technological savvy is critical for industry success, Daniel emphasized that it’s not enough when thinking about selecting a monitoring center. To help dealers focus on their business, the center should have a cross-trained staff of account managers who can “work across fields and take initiative and ‘quarterback’ a situation. A dealer wants a dedicated single point of contact; they don’t want to waste time trying to find the right person or department to help them with their question.”