After conducting two major research studies and reviewing thousands of the responses from members and professionals in the door and hardware industry, DHI has created new initiatives to help insure their future success.


The company is making education more available, affordable, relevant and user-friendly. Furthermore, a constant improvement initiative is in place to ensure the currency and relevancy of DHI’s curriculum, and it is expanding delivery methods to include more online and local offerings.


DHI will also soon introduce a targeted, three-tier certification program that recognizes unique skill sets and industry knowledge attained at varying stages of professional development, from basic competency through top-level, specialized expertise. The goal is to develop consummate industry professionals — industry experts with competencies that are just as relevant today as they will be in the future. Three new DHI credentials will soon be available.


An upcoming launch of a comprehensive PR strategy will target industry stakeholders. Heralding their vast knowledge of the complexities of industry products, an in-depth understanding of the life safety aspects of building codes and unique expertise when it comes to balancing them against the security requirements of building users, this campaign will promote the fact that nobody is better equipped than a DHI professional.


On the membership front, DHI is finalizing plans for a bold new DHI membership structure that replaces its existing “one size fits all” configuration, with options for individual membership and enhanced corporate membership packaging. The company will revitalize its local chapter system to facilitate better member engagement and deliver education locally, addressing changing industry demographics and needs. A new website with improved search engine capabilities and a more efficient and user-friendly e-commerce system will be online this spring.


To punctuate these new initiatives, the organization’s name and logo have been streamlined and simplified to DHI, an acronym that has become comfortable amongst industry colleagues and friends. The new tagline, “Door Security + Safety Professionals,” puts the emphasis members and their contributions to the commercial construction industry, the company described.


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