Vicon Industries announced the launch of its new corporate identity and tagline, “Simple Solutions for a Complex World,” which celebrates the Company’s commitment to delivering the simplest video management experience and most hassle-free customer experience within the commercial security market.

The new corporate brand underscores Vicon’s renewed dedication as an innovative, end-to-end security surveillance company focused on providing highly effective solutions that deliver reliability, expandability, and ease-of-use. Vicon’s rebranding is the culmination of several years of research and development, resulting in the launch over the past year of the new Valerus VMS and VAX Access Control platforms, as well as a completely redesigned line of cameras. All solutions have been engineered, from the ground up, not only to deliver top-level performance and features, but with a focus on simplicity of deployment, operation and maintenance. Vicon’s vision that even the most complex security challenge can be addressed with solutions that are intuitive and easy to manage stands apart from industry trends that focus, first-and-foremost, on expansive integration options and novel feature sets. In addition, Vicon’s sales and management teams have challenged themselves to deliver on that same simplicity of experience, company-wide.

Bret McGowan, Vicon’s Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, announced Vicon’s new brand in an open letter to Vicon employees and customers. In it, he states, “We’ve realized there’s a need in the market for a solutions provider that can take the pain out of the entire security experience…Vicon is striving to be that alternative, easy-to-deal-with company capable of delivering an entire video and access control solution.”

The new branding, which will infuse all of Vicon’s marketing and communications moving forward, will consistently affirm Vicon’s mission and work to strengthen customer appreciation of Vicon’s unique value within the marketplace. Vicon’s completely redesigned website, launched last month, is the first of Vicon’s corporate messaging vehicles to fully incorporate the new brand. Updated brochures, advertising and other marketing communications will be introduced in the coming months.

View Bret McGowan’s letter on Vicon’s website: