Security-Net, a global provider of security integration services, elected its new Board of Directors at its Annual Shareholders Meeting in late January at the Alsol Tiara Cap Cana Resort in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic.


The two-day annual meeting brought together members from North America and International members to review general business of the organization, how to continue to build its National Accounts program, discuss continuing education programs for employees, and to review expanding its partnership program with manufacturers. The annual meeting took place January 28-29.


As part of its meeting, Security-Net members appointed Skip Sampson to the position of president of the Board of Directors. Sampson, who is president of KST Security in Indianapolis, Ind., replaces Jim Coleman, from Atlanta-based Operational Security Systems, who served as president for the past two years.


Security-Net holds its election of officers once every two years, with a representative from each member company casting a vote during the election process.


“Security-Net executed well over $15 million in shared business within its 21 North American members network in 2015,” Sampson said. “My goals are to strengthen what has made Security-Net the most skilled and experienced group of independent security integrators for over 25 years.”


Sampson plans to continue to support Security-Net’s ability to offer clients the service and relationship of a local, independent systems integrator with the ability to reach across North America and internationally. He noted its members are capable of handling the most complex and challenging of security products.


The new vice president of Security-Net is Eric Schaeffer, from Advantech Security in Dover, Del. The appointment marks Schaeffer’s first board position since he joined Security-Net in 2013. He replaces Sampson in this position.


Paul Janik, president of Midco in Burr Ridge, Ill., has been elected to the treasurer position, while Bill Hogan, president of D/A Central in Oak Park, Mich., has been named secretary. Each Security-Net Board of Director serves a two-year term.


Security-Net is currently comprised of 21 independent systems integrators located throughout North America, plus four systems integrators internationally. Over the years the group has formed several working committees, including one called Tech-Net that regularly reviews the latest technologies in the market and shares the best methods to address technology issues. Another committee, called Sales-Net, serves as a sales resource for project lead generation and strategies about how to build relationships with the customer.


Security-Net focuses on the integration of end-to-end security solutions including technologies such as access control, video surveillance, emergency mass notification and perimeter detection systems in aerospace, commercial offices, university campuses, airports, government, utilities, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Individual member companies, which make up the company’s regional locations, regularly share design solutions, troubleshooting tips, technology updates and marketing ideas to provide the most effective, up-to-date security management system for customers.