In January 2016, DICE Corporation and other industry leaders began implementing the Alarm Industry Error Reduction Program built by to reduce VoIP communication errors plaguing the industry. With over 250,000 accounts in their cloud alarm center, DICE began deployments to their alarm center clients in early 2016.

The program, which requires transmissions be sent over the alarm industry’s new telecom network, is built to avoid VoIP issues. Working in tandem with the new network built by for legacy alarm panels, this network allows legacy alarm panels to function in today’s new telecom network. The reporting system being added also advances correction and location error reporting identification.

The network first removes VoIP issues due to its interconnection with more than 17,000 central offices in the U.S., allowing the alarm signal to travel to its receiver on its network without being touched by cheaper oversubscribed carriers. Second, if there is an issue, the report identifies the subscriber’s phone company and what was wrong with the transmission. then uses this information to place a trouble ticket into the telecom network for repair. began deploying the new network in early 2015 for one of the largest alarm companies in the U.S. is currently handling millions of signals from almost all 17,000 central offices in all 50 states and most of Canada, seeing few remote issues with communications, most of which are panel issues and last mile installation issues.

“Our goal is to help reduce the amount of communication errors while providing IPtelX identification regarding who is not compliant with the new alarm industry signal network, so that issues can be resolved if there are any remaining,” Jordan Dice, president and CEO of said. “What we find many times now is that errors on this new alarm signal network are panel issues or last mile-type issues with the premises phone line.”

Cliff Dice, CEO of DICE Corporation, said some of his most skilled telecom engineers built the alarm signal network for some of the industry’s largest alarm companies and one of the buying consortiums in the alarm industry to be used by association members, resolving the sunset to the alarm panels.

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