S.E.A.L. Security, Houston, Texas, will standardize its fleet of mobile security and surveillance trailers using the SentryVMS video management platform from IPVideo Corporation. The trailers feature cameras on a telescoping mount that transmit video via cellular 4G to a monitoring center.


S.E.A.L. selected SentryVMS as the video management platform to support its redesigned fleet of mobile security and surveillance trailers. The company’s mobile security camera trailers feature up to six high resolution PTZ cameras on a telescoping mount that transmit video via cellular 4G back to S.E.A.L.’s central command and live monitoring center. S.E.A.L. Security offers mobile security trailers in electric and solar self-contained systems.


These mobile camera systems provide a convenient and rapidly deployable solution for remote security and surveillance at construction sites, residential areas, businesses, parking lots, outdoor events, and other locations where there is need for temporary 24/7 security. Rhedonda Cox, S.E.A.L Security’s director of surveillance and business development said that all camera systems also come standard with armed emergency response by S.E.A.L. Security officers, a unique feature in the surveillance industry. The cameras on each security trailer, licensed with SentryVMS software, are controlled from S.E.A.L.’s command /monitoring center and can be easily and securely accessed remotely as well via the SentryVMS web interface or mobile app.


S.E.A.L. Security added mobile surveillance capabilities five years ago to complement its tactical security patrol & K-9 services both domestically and abroad. The decision to standardize on SentryVMS for its fleet of mobile security camera systems was made after careful trial and evaluation of potential solutions. S.E.A.L.’s chief information officer, Benjamin Hatfield, said the company was particularly impressed with SentryVMS’s stability and system features. Its ability to respond to on-site motion alerts and support high resolution video without dropping frames was particularly important, after the company recently tested and observed poor results with a less robust VMS solution.


“We are very excited and honored to be chosen by S.E.A.L. Security as a strategic partner as they expand their reach in the mobile security and surveillance market,” said Steve Rice, IPVideo’s director of business development. “The flexibility of our SentryVMS solution is an excellent choice for a wide range of non-traditional applications, and S.E.A.L.’s choice to work with us helps to verify this.”