Multiple customers have signed up for the cloud solution and are in various stages of implementation with Bold Technologies’ Manitou Cloud Services platform, the company reported.

Bold partnered with two industry-leading telecommunication companies, OneTel and Communication Service Solutions, to ensure the highest quality of service and growth potential for customers. In addition, partnerships with SedonaCloud and I-View Now offer monitoring centers the ability to add accounting and video integration to their hosted platform.

“It was important to us that Bold’s entire Manitou suite be available to customers so they can conduct their business in the way they are accustomed, with all of the functionality they would normally have in an on-site platform,” said Bold’s director of SaaS, Shaun Blair. “We are able to provide a comprehensive hosted solution and as a result, there are a number of larger central stations that are interested in making Manitou Cloud Services their primary platform.”

The Manitou Cloud Services platform is designed to provide customers with the necessary infrastructure to operate their alarm center through a secure online interface. Bold’s data center is currently undergoing UL certification; the initial building inspection has been done, and testing is expected to be completed by the end of April.

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