Galaxy Control Systems, a provider of integrated access control and security solutions, is highlighting the many advanced features of its popular System Galaxy Software at ISC West. Among the capabilities the company is demonstrating in its booth (#5089) are new mobile apps that provide users with greater control and advanced port filtering that helps busy networks manage the growing surge of traffic.

“As a powerful, comprehensive access control and management solution, System Galaxy delivers streamlined installation, improved user experience, and significantly increased efficiencies,” said Robert Laughlin, president, Galaxy Control Systems. “The addition of two new mobile apps expands upon these strengths by providing anytime, anywhere access control management, while advanced port filtering further contributes to the overall effectiveness of users’ access control solutions.”

Each of the two new mobile apps is designed to provide users with greater control capabilities for common functions related to facilities and people from anywhere and at any time.

The DoorPoint app provides authorized security personnel with the ability to manage a facility’s doors to enhance security. Through the app, users can remotely lock, unlock and pulse doors, view door status and view activity report data from the System Galaxy access control software. In an emergency situation, the app also allows security personnel to activate and reset crisis modes if necessary and to view current crisis mode status.

PersonPoint allows authorized users to activate and de-activate cardholders remotely, with the added benefit of viewing e-mail activity reports provided by System Galaxy. Users can search for cardholders by name, department or other data fields, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of access control software.

Both DoorPoint and PersonPoint apps are available for download at Android and Apple stores.

Another new enhancement to System Galaxy is Advanced Port Filtering. Because there is a media access control address (also known as a MAC address) for every Wi-Fi-enabled device on the network, the advent of the Internet of Things and the rapid growth of connected devices is causing a tremendous surge to the amount of traffic that is seen by the network. The new Advanced Port Filtering combats this problem, ensuring that not all devices are continuously monitored by the security network.