Eagle Eye Networks has awarded $1.25 Million in Drako Cloud Security Grants to schools throughout the U.S. A broad range of public and private schools were awarded the Drako Grant for a fully functional security camera system — including cloud management and recording, mobile phone remote access applications, cameras, networking equipment to connect IP cameras, and secure gateways to the cloud — at no cost for one year.
The initial Drako Grant total amount was set at $1 million when it was announced in March 2016. Grants over the initial committed amount have been made since so many applications with such strong need continue to be received. Since the need is so high, the original July 1, 2016 application deadline has also been extended to December 1, 2016.
“We are enthusiastic about helping schools create a safer place for the children,” said Dean Drako, president and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “The variety of the schools that have applied demonstrates that school security is a universal objective regardless of the location and environment.”  
Erin Hatley, executive director of Vine School, Victoria, Texas, one of the initial grant winners., said, “The Vine School is a private school for children ages two through 18 diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. … Receiving the Drako Cloud Security Grant from Eagle Eye Networks is a wonderful opportunity for The Vine School. It allows us to continue to provide the caliber of education our parents and community expect and that our students deserve.”
Michelle Kimbro, curriculum coordinator of Oakwood High School, Oakwood, Ill., (another grant recipient) stated, “Oakwood High School has almost 300 students. During the last school year we had two break-ins at the high school and damage was done to the building. Our school budgets are tight, and there was no money left for security at either of the two remaining buildings. Our high school principal came across the Drako Cloud Security Grant, and after further investigation, we recognized the Grant Award for the Eagle Eye Networks VMS cloud recording and 16 video cameras would be perfect for our high school.”