Arteco, a global provider of event-driven intelligent video management solutions, announced the integration of Arteco’s suite of video event management software (VEMS) with Contact-ID, an alarm protocol for intrusion, fire and building automation alarm systems.

Contact-ID is widely recognized as the most common standard in the global intrusion and fire alarm industry, containing user ID information and event information as well as the systems’ status information. The plug-in allows users to duplicate security data through Contact-ID to receive events on Arteco VEMS platforms.

The Arteco Contact-ID plug-in ensures robust integration with fire, facility management and intrusion alarms, enhancing event management and further streamlining operations by increasing communication and connectivity between third-party devices. The integration allows Arteco customers to realize new levels of intelligence by combining alerts with VEMS functionalities, including ease-of-use, alarm organization, reporting and customization. The protocol correlates data from other third-party systems, such as video surveillance cameras, access control, building automation and video analytics, enabling the user to realize new levels of security and business intelligence.

“Arteco’s goal is to ease integration capabilities for our customers that allow them to ‘see’ a comprehensive view of security and surveillance events across their infrastructure,” said Steve Birkmeier, vice president, sales and business development, Arteco. “This plug-in ensures that users can capture, streamline and analyze all incoming event notifications in one user interface, allowing critical security data to be combined and giving users the tools to enhance situational awareness for more informed decisions and rapid response.”