Princeton Identity Inc. announced an agreement to license their patented iris recognition technology to Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. for use in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and other mobile devices. 
This agreement with Princeton Identity builds on the company’s track record of delivering leading-edge biometric identity readers and identity management systems for a range of government and commercial applications, the company reported in a press release. The company is a recent spinoff from SRI International. 
“Biometric technologies are the right approach to address today’s security challenges, from unlocking smartphones to managing facility access. Iris recognition in particular is known to be a more stable and accurate identifier than other available technologies — orders of magnitude more accurate than fingerprint readers and with lower error rates,” said Mark Clifton, CEO, Princeton Identity Inc. “Fast, easy and accurate identity confirmation is critical for user acceptance in every market application. We are pleased that Samsung selected our iris recognition technology for global consumer use and are confident that additional applications will quickly follow.”
Princeton Identity products include both biometric identity readers and software systems to manage identities and authenticate users. By integrating these products into other systems, such as access control and medical billing systems, organizations can gain security and accuracy improvements with positive operational impacts. Princeton Identity biometric readers are already being deployed for building access, data centers, sports facilities, construction sites, airports and border crossings. With some of the new products that are planned, applications will include sensitive information access, continuous user authentication, smart home initiatives, Internet of Things, etc.