A recently completed upgrade to the video surveillance and security system at the Fond-du-Luth Casino in downtown Duluth, Minn. has provided the casino with an advanced system that is now 100 percent IP. Designed and implemented by North American Video (NAV), deployment of the system coincided with renovations to the three-story casino.


“The conversion to a comprehensive network platform could only be completed one floor at a time over a three-month span, and we had to work in tandem with several other contractors to maintain a set schedule,” said Richard Branda, systems sales executive, North American Video. “Our extensive integration experience with gaming facilities involving this kind of phased implementation helped to ensure the success of the project.”


American Dynamics Illustra 2 and 5 megapixel cameras were added throughout the gaming floor as well as at entrance/exit areas and parking lots for comprehensive coverage. Illustra 360 degree cameras installed in the elevators provide additional surveillance information that enhances safety and security for guests and staff. An American Dynamics VideoEdge NVR solution with built-in intelligence provides the casino with significantly reduced network bandwidth requirements, CPU resources and memory usage. Multicast video streams further reduce the bandwidth required for streaming high quality video. A software-based virtual matrix eliminated the need for a hardware-based matrix switcher. NAV has also integrated the new IP video surveillance system with the casino’s Kantech access control system for added operating efficiencies.


The new system head end is housed in the casino’s main control room and operators have full control via the American Dynamics keyboards as well as through conventional keyboards and a mouse. Devices on the dedicated and secured network can be remotely accessed from various locations within the facility.


“Close collaboration with NAV’s experienced team ensured that the existing surveillance system was fully functional to ensure regulatory compliance while renovations were taking place and the new integrated IP system was being deployed,” said Bruce Blacketter, surveillance manager, Fond-du-Luth Casino. “This was a complex project and process because of the phased deployment, weather conditions and involvement of multiple contractors, but NAV handled it all with extreme professionalism and expertise.”


As to the future, Blacketter said they are looking forward to growing the system by adding more doors and implementing further surveillance and security functionality such as analytics and POS integration.


“IP really enhances our options for scalability and flexibility,” Blacketter added. “We couldn’t be more pleased.”