Over the last year, AlarmForce Industries Inc. has been positioning itself for change. The 30-year old, largely residential home security company announced some recent additions and overhauls, including launching its own dealer program as well as moving from offering its self-manufactured security products to launching third-party product offerings from Nortech, SkyBell and Alarm.com.

“We took a fresh look at everything,” Graham Badun, CEO of the company told Professional Security Canada. For its new dealer program, Badun said that the program is a win-win, allowing the company to expand its reach throughout the market, as well as allow dealers to leverage AlarmForce’s brand name and reputation. In addition, said Badun, expanding the company’s product offerings to include strategic third-party products will enable the company to focus on its strengths. “These choices allow us to do what we do best, which is focus on marketing, selling and servicing our clients,” Badun shared.

Currently, according to Badun, AlarmForce is piloting its dealer program with six dealers in Canada through 2016. It will continue to optimize the program based on feedback from dealers and customers moving forward into 2017 and is actively looking for additional dealer partners. “Initial feedback has been encouraging so we are very excited about that,” Badun added.

For more information on AlarmForce Industries’ dealer program and offerings, visit www.alarmforce.com or contact Frank Pietrobono at fpietrobono@alarmforce.com or (800) 267-2001 ext. 290.