I-View Now LLC, a cloud-based central station video platform, announced deeper product integration with ADT for video verification and central station video monitoring services.

Formally aligned with ADT’s video strategy, I-View Now is building processes that are designed to function automatically via APIs within ADT’s normal business applications.

Larry Folsom, president of I-View Now, said, “For the past year-and-a-half, we have been providing our services to ADT’s central stations. Now, we are thrilled to take this video verification and video device monitoring integration to the next level with ADT.”

I-View Now’s product integration with ADT demonstrates the next level of cloud-based services available for video monitoring, such as video device health monitoring (video loss, camera masked, offline, etc.), end user lockout for non-payment or discontinuance of services, remote programming and other features. In addition, the product API will be foundational for other services I-View Now will be offering via ADT — ADT Pulse video verification, ADT Partner recorder integrations, and ADT Partner cloud video integrations — in a subscription model that promotes a substantial recurring revenue opportunity. I-View Now will be adding video verification and robust central station video monitoring services to ADTs video strategy.

To be able to provide these monitoring services, I-View Now developed a signaling strategy with ADT that accommodates the complexity of ADT’s MASterMind, iControl, and other signal paths and video sources. This was critical in supplying a ubiquitous video monitoring solution that meets ADT’s requirements as well as end users’.

“The solution from I-View Now gives us a mechanism to efficiently monitor and manage video devices and verify alarms from any integrated video source while distributing and storing the associated video through the cloud for subscription by our customers,” said Don Young, chief information officer at ADT. “The ability to do all of these things with one platform is what attracted us to the I-View Now offering.”

For five years now, I-View Now has been offering end user notifications with event-based video from alarm events for companies such as Protection 1, the company reported. Part of this engagement includes improvements to this service by adding features such as alarm cancelation. Besides MASterMind, IView Now is integrated into seven other central station-monitoring platforms.

“At I-View Now, we believe video verification must be a feature (and not a dedicated product) that is added to the video strategy (products and services) that a security company is selling,” Folsom said. “This integration will allow ADT to add video verification to its ADT Pulse service without any changes to the Pulse products and services it already offers.”