Speco Technologies, an Amity, N.Y.-based provider of video surveillance equipment, has integrated its SecureGuard servers and recorders with its I-View Now platform. SecureGuard is a video management solution for monitoring video, audio, and access control from Speco Technologies products.

Integrating with the I-View Now platform now enables Speco Technologies’ customers to securely monitor properties efficiently and remotely. Combining the SecureGuard interface with I-View Now helps users reduce false alarms and verify alarms during the dispatch process.

For over 60 years, Speco Technologies has provided the latest innovations in video surveillance with its SecureGuard video management system, IP cameras with its patented Intensifier technology delivering low-light performance and electronic accessories, and high-quality audio products for residential and commercial use. 

To learn more about SecureGuard and its integration with I-View Now, go to www.specotech.com or call 1-800-645-5516.