AMAG Technology released two new software features that improve the functionality and reporting capabilities in Symmetry v8.1 access control software.

Symmetry Control Desk allows users to group together any combination of security devices ― such as card readers, cameras, inputs and outputs — into new monitor zones, providing increased visibility to secure areas. Users can monitor the status of the devices in real time and issue commands to control security devices anywhere across the organization. Camera views are fully integrated and will automatically display on screen.

“Symmetry Control Desk provides a targeted view of all the relevant security devices on one screen, and offers an unrivalled level of unified monitoring and incident response capability,” said Dave Ella, vice president of product marketing, AMAG Technology. “We have also added Symmetry Advanced Reporting, which gives users options to analyze and track almost any data with a new reporting tool and data dictionary. It’s all about providing more information to make informed decisions about security response and business operations.”

Symmetry Advanced Reporting adds the ability to create virtually any report on security data including the production of charts and graphs. A new data dictionary combines relevant data from the full Symmetry database, making it straightforward for reports to be developed using the new built-in reporting engine.

Symmetry users increasingly need to mine their security data to identify anomalies for further investigation and for compliance reporting. Symmetry Advanced Reporting is designed to allow any required analysis to be carried out.

Both Symmetry Control Desk and Symmetry Reporting Services can be added to the current version of Symmetry v8.1, and are available for all versions of Symmetry.

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