Farpointe Data announced that handheld mobile reader (WMR) systems using Farpointe reader modules are now available from Cypress Integrated Solutions. The handheld reader combines a Farpointe card reader and a wireless Cypress Suprex Reader-Extender in one portable unit so that the user can perform reads at any place. As a result, the WMR can remotely verify credentials, check IDs in trucks and buses, create emergency assembly points/muster stations, verify staff attendance at training sessions and create access control points away from buildings.

The handheld unit transmits card data to a Cypress WMR base unit that is connected to an access control panel from a distance of up to 150 feet indoors and up to 250 feet outdoors. Challenging installations are simplified with the addition of RF expanders and repeaters using the Cypress bridging architecture. Vehicle-mounted readers for employee and/or visitor logging and tracking are also available.

“Truly versatile, the Cypress WMR is a terrific incremental addition to any wireless electronic access control system,” added Scott Lindley, president of Farpointe Data. “We would encourage any access control manufacturer, integrator or user to consider the various enhancements it brings to a security system.”