Transition Networks announced availability of its Ethernet Over Coax Extender with PoE+, which reduces cost and accelerates time to service by utilizing existing coax cabling infrastructure to upgrade from analog to IP-based surveillance cameras or connect other IP devices to the Ethernet network. The new extender conforms to the IEEE 802.3 af/at standard for compliance with other PoE / PoE+ powered devices, allowing edge devices to be quickly and easily located in places where power was previously not available and helping to avoid unnecessary and costly electrical installations. The Ethernet Over Coax Extenders are used in pairs, with a local and remote device placed at opposite ends of a 75-Ohm coax cable, and is capable of delivering a full 25 Watts of power to the edge device at near Gigabit speed. A Web GUI allows simple and secure access for configuration of both the local and remote devices through a single IP address.

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