The Electronic Security Association’s (ESA) National Training School (NTS), in conjunction with the Electronic Security Association of Florida (ESA-FL), has launched a new online course to meet the needs of electrical or fire alarm contractors in the state of Florida. The Fire Alarms Systems Agent (FASA) and Burglar Alarm Systems Agent (BASA), required under the Florida Electrical Contractors Licensing Board, is a 14-hour online course available at a promotional rate of $199 for ESA-members and $225 for non-members, which includes the FASA/BASA ID card.

Roy Pollack, ESA-FL president, explained: “In order to provide significant and meaningful value to our members, ESA and the ESA of Florida have created a brand new FASA/BASA class with all new and relevant content. This is just the first of several courses to be developed, approved and offered to our members in Florida.”

The FASA/BASA online course will provide students with an understanding of the industry and the contractors’ role within it, the importance of codes and standards and how to locate and apply them, and define basic installation procedures and the underlying technology behind various security system tools and equipment. After completing the required components, students must pass an online exam with a score of 75 percent or higher, followed by submitting the BASA/FASA ID card request form.

“One of the exciting things about the launch of the FASA/BASA online course is its use of new technology provided by our partners, ProctorU. This technology uses three different methods to verify students’ identity before and during the course. This process uses a webcam and proctor taking a picture of the student and their identification, a public records questionnaire, and innovative keystroke analysis that creates a unique fingerprint, of sorts, on the way someone types. Using this technology, ESA was able to meet the stringent online learning requirements of the Florida Electronic Contractors Licensing Board,” said Michelle Yungblut, ESA vice president of training and certification.

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