SnapAV has acquired Visualint in a move that adds intelligent video surveillance products and services to complement their existing Luma analog and IP surveillance line, the company reported.
“Visualint is a powerful addition to our existing Luma offering,” saidAlex Patrao, director of surveillance products. “In the short term, this partnership will put intelligent video-based analytics and professionally monitored video surveillance products into the hands of dealers through our website. Longer term, it will accelerate development plans in our highly regarded Luma product line.”

State-of-the-art intelligent video analytics enable Visualint cameras to understand their environment, track objects and accurately react to events, resulting in superior alerts and notifications, the company described. In essence, it enables a traditional security system to extend beyond the boundaries of the home or business and into the property itself through intelligent video — creating a much more powerful solution for integrators and added peace of mind and life safety for end-users.

Visualint CEO Adrian Johnson said, “Our advanced systems enable integrators to install, scale and proactively manage hybrid security solutions. We’re glad to have built this partnership with SnapAV and are excited about what the future holds.”