CNL Software and nuPSYS announced that they have entered into a technology partnership. The two companies will bring nuPSYS’s 3D visualization technology, nuSIM, to CNL Software’s IPSecurityCenter PSIM platform for homeland defense, CIP, and corporate security customers across the globe.

The partnership will allow users to experience levels of situational awareness, as all assets, cameras and critical points can be accurately plotted onto the 3D mapping surface within the PSIM solution. It will enable operators to graphically view multilayer live video overlays, giving accurate 3D perspectives for real-time situation management. Additionally, it will give operators the ability to guide ground staff more accurately in the event of an incident.

Reza Ahy, CEO at nuPSYS, stated, “We are pleased to partner with CNL Software for physical security markets, enabling real-time situational awareness, coupled with instant access to resources required to remotely manage any incident. All the aggregated intelligence can be distributed to other operators to form a shared common operating picture. Our patented Real-Time Visualization now enables integrated management of physical security information and IP networks, dramatically improving the effectiveness and cost of operating PSIM for government, IoT, enterprise and service provider markets worldwide.”

James Condron, global vice president, sales and marketing at CNL Software, added, “CNL Software is committed to working with all technologies that can enhance situation management within the control room. We look forward to working with nuPSYS and its unique technology.”

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