ELK Products partnered with Optex to create the ELK-6032 two-way wireless outdoor PIR. The sensor combines the newest Optex VXI-R with ELK’s two-way wireless technology for M1 Controls, providing stable and dependable detection in outdoor environments with secure and reliable wireless communications. The ELK-6032 is the ideal wireless solution for perimeter detection, spot/area detection, or for immediate perimeter/boundary detection directly on a structure (walls and rooftops), the company described. It features bi-directional communication, allowing each signal sent from the sensor to be acknowledged by the ELK two-way wireless transceiver to ensure reliable operation and save battery life. Frequency hopping and UL approved jamming detection defend against interference, hacking, and jamming of the wireless communications. The detection area can be easily customized with multiple area angle and detection length adjustments.

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