The Remote Portal makes remote connection to customer devices quick and easy. Installers can monitor supported devices and perform maintenance and configuration tasks remotely, thus greatly reducing travel to customer facilities, saving time and money.

Once registered, installers can immediately use the Connect, Maintain and Manage functionalities of the Remote Portal

•             Connect: Allows installers to register their customers’ devices with their Remote Portal account

•             Maintain: Enables installers to connect to customer devices via the Remote Portal from their offices to carry out maintenance work, prepare for an on-site visit, or perform configuration updates

•             Manage: Allows installers to grant their customers mobile access to their security devices by creating a corresponding user account in the Remote Portal. Customers can then log into Bosch’s mobile app and, for example, instantly and remotely monitor their shop by remotely accessing the shop’s video cameras

The Remote Portal offers services to installers wherever the supported Bosch product is available.

Now, this cloud and browser-based service for installers has been further enhanced so that additional devices can be monitored and maintained via the Remote Portal. The user interface has also been improved.

The enhancement of the Bosch Remote Portal now supports the following additional devices and services:

1.) Installers can now receive health checks for DIVAR IP 2000/5000 video recording solutions; email alerts are sent if a device loses its connection to the Remote Portal or if recording stops unexpectedly.

2.) As an additional service, “Remote Connect Lite” is provided for DIVAR hybrid and network recording solutions. This service provides Domain Name Services (DNS) for these devices and eliminates the need to interact with 3rd party providers for DNS. The service is free and permits faster set up.


Thanks to the new user interface, devices can be grouped by customer or location of devices. Additionally, access can now be restricted to defined users or user groups. Information on the device status is aggregated across groups of devices or by customer, allowing installers to quickly check whether customer devices require attention.

Registration is free of charge and available at: