Nortek Security & Control introduced the 2GIG Rely Security System. Rely is the industry’s smallest self-contained, aesthetically pleasing, do-it-yourself security system, Nortek described, adding that now DIYers, renters, second homeowners and no-contract consumers can have security with style.

NSC’s Rely is easy to install and re-install, making it a system that can move with the consumer from home to home. Rely expands the market to include younger and style-conscious consumers living in apartments, as well as established homeowners and vacation property owners looking for solid security system for their investment.

“Rely gives our dealer and service provider partners a solution easy enough for anyone to purchase and install that includes a sleek keypad and proven 2GIG sensors that don’t look like the circa-‘90s jumbo wireless sensors they may see from other vendors,” said Dan Geiger, senior vice president of sales for NSC.

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