Telguard announced the first universal, panel-agnostic downloading solution available for free with its broad line of LTE-based residential and commercial cellular alarm communicators.

Telguard’s patent pending approach to panel downloading uses virtual modem software technology installed on the back office PC and works seamlessly with any panel manufacturer’s downloading software. The Telguard Virtual Modem automatically detects the Telguard alarm communicator connected to an account’s security panel, providing technicians with a fast and simple solution for downloading panel configuration settings over a secure LTE network connection. Because it works across virtually all panel brands, the Telguard Virtual Modem allows dealers to standardize on one cellular solution to remotely service their entire installed base.

The Telguard Virtual Modem blends into the security dealer’s existing back office workflow. Importantly, it doesn’t require any special wiring, no special panel programming, and no changes within the panel downloading software configuration. The Virtual Modem feature is available retroactively on any currently installed Telguard LTE communicator.

“Telguard’s truly universal downloading capability is an exciting development for our dealers because it helps them avoid costly truck-rolls while empowering them to install the hardware and software they choose,” said Shawn Welsh, senior vice president, product line management and marketing, Telular.

With the Telguard Virtual Modem, dealers can use familiar software programs such as the Honeywell Compass Downloader, the Interlogix Enterprise Downloader or any other package that supports modem downloading to send panel programming through their Telguard LTE communicators and directly to the panel without any additional monthly service charges.

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