Fortium Partners has entered into an agreement with PSA to distribute Fortium Partners’ professional services offering, called “Cybersecurity Protocol.”

Fortium Partners’ Cybersecurity Protocol offers integrators access to a dedicated CISO that can be billable for as little as four hours per month, a customized cybersecurity hygiene program specific to their company with 40-60 security controls, mentoring, and first line support. In addition, integrators will have access to sales tools for managing job quotes, making presentations, and vetting new vendors.

“We are excited to be working with Fortium Partners to help our integrators fill this gap in their own cybersecurity programs,” said Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA. “For many companies, funding a full-time CISO is simply out of reach. This partnership with Fortium Partners brings the integrator community the expertise they need to run a cyber-savvy integration company quickly and puts it within reach financially. It’s a win all around.”

Dr. Joel Rakow, a partner at Fortium Partners, explained that this partnership can help integrators turn their cybersecurity concerns into their competitive advantage. “We are confident that we can help PSA elevate the maturity of its integrators’ cybersecurity practices when they touch the systems and data of the end user organizations who are their customers. We are delighted to have a partner as focused on its customer base when it comes to cybersecurity as PSA is.”

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