HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, unveiled HID FARGO Connect, a cloud-based solution that simplifies and streamlines the issuance of ID cards and credentials.

HID FARGO Connect creates a new approach for ID issuance that replaces the old paradigm of standalone printers tied to a dedicated PC workstation. Now ID cards can be issued from anywhere and from any device via a Web interface in a trusted environment. HID FARGO Connect allows dealers and integrators to remotely monitor and manage their consumables helping to avoid out-of-stock issues and better manage the replenishment processes.

“HID FARGO Connect is the biggest innovation that the ID card issuance industry has seen in more than a decade, and with it, HID is changing the way cards and credentials are issued forever,” said Craig Sandness, vice president and managing director of secure issuance with HID Global.  “HID Global is introducing a game-changing way for people to issue IDs, and we’re turning HID FARGO printers into smart, secure, web-enabled, edge devices for the Internet of Trusted Things.”

With over one million FARGO printers in use around the world today, HID is delivering a whole new experience for people responsible for issuing ID cards to employees, visitors, contractors, students or anyone using cards or mobile IDs for access control, loyalty programs, payments and a broad range of services. 

Among the first to use HID FARGO Connect is Kent State University. The process of issuing student IDs to thousands of people during orientation was simplified and streamlined through its shift to a cloud-based approach with HID FARGO Connect. The student experience significantly improved, aligning with the university’s students-first priority. 

“As one responsible for issuing thousands of IDs at our Kent Campus and at our other sites, I see HID FARGO Connect as providing us a next-generation platform for producing cards for our students that impacts them in only positive ways,” said Michael O’Karma, office systems coordinator for flashcard operations, Kent State University.  “The advantage to the students is that they do not have to wait in line any longer, and the advantage to us in the administrative office is that we can provide a better service that’s more cost-effective and efficient.

For dealers and integrators the new cloud-based solution means a potential new source of RMR revenue, Sandness added. “With no software to manage, the printers bring more revenue and greater margins to dealers. It’s a service-based solution that brings the two sides  [security cards and readers, and card printers] together.”

The new HID FARGO Connect cloud service features: 

  • simplified management and delivery of high-volume ID issuance, saving money and time while increasing control and security;
  • no need for computers dedicated for ID issuance at every location;
  • no management of software and other IT resources associated with ID issuance;
  • full visibility and control for administrators;
  • Identrust digital certificates to comply with and exceed today’s ever-increasing data security standards;
  • secure user access to networked HID FARGO card printers and encoders;
  • integration with many leading technology providers of both “one card” solutions and physical access control software, including HID’s Quantum Secure SAFE software.


HID FARGO Connect is delivered using the industry’s most secure cloud technologies with end-to-end encryption and transport layer security, according to the company. Users can create new cards, encode data, issue replacements and manage print queues all in one trusted system that meets the most stringent regulatory security and data privacy requirements. 


ID FARGO Connect is a platform that will continue to evolve over time to further enhance the capabilities for mobility and securing the Internet of Trusted Things (IoTT). 

Visit www.hidglobal.com for more information.