AMAG Technology’s latest release of SymmetryWEB v3 is a web client version of Symmetry Access Control software that allows users to operate Symmetry and perform key functions via a tablet or smartphone. SymmetryWEB eliminates the need to install software, and a built-in web server makes set-up easy while lowering operating costs.

Security personnel can enroll new cardholders and assign access codes with SymmetryWEB for easy card administration. Users can configure access codes for card readers and doors.

Security personnel can manage alarms via SymmetryWEB. They receive and view alarms in real time, receive live updates, see instructions, view card information and clear alarms. Users can prioritize alarms to best manage their Symmetry system.

SymmetryWEB is available with Symmetry Professional and Symmetry Enterprise software packages. Users can interface with the Symmetry Access Control software using a standard web browser from a desktop workstation, tablet or smartphone. SymmetryWEB automatically resizes its screen to best fit the mobile application in use.

An intuitive, user friendly design makes it easy to manage Symmetry. Navigation is simple, allowing users to see a complete profile of cardholder information and respond to alarms quickly. SymmetryWEB uses HTTPS to ensure secure communications between the web client and Symmetry.   

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