Stanley Convergent Security Solutions Inc. (Stanley CSS), Naperville, Ill., launched a new line of cloud services and mobile applications. The new offerings include eVideo Cloud Storage, Web-based time and attendance; smart phone security alarm control, in-motion iris biometrics and dynamic enhancements to Stanley’s eServices eExecutive Dashboard and eServices Mobile Apps — all were unveiled at ASIS International 2011 in Orlando.       

“With the debut of these new products and enhancements, Stanley CSS is definitely strengthening its technology leadership position in the security industry,” said Felix Gonzales, Stanley CSS vice president Strategic Initiatives. “‘Revolutionary’ is a word that’s used frequently in business, yet for everything Stanley CSS is doing and has been moving toward throughout the year, revolutionary is absolutely the right description. We are showcasing our advanced technology throughout the duration of ASIS and beyond.”

eVideo Cloud Storage —Using the latest in cloud storage technology, supplied in collaboration with EMC Corp., customers can have secure, convenient and cost-effective cloud storage solutions and the option of affordable, high-resolution local storage with the latest in network attached storage (NAS) technology. The service provides world-class enterprise-level storage and affordable local storage options, Stanley CSS said.

Customers are able to mix and match storage options, upgrade their video-hosting technologies and access all their video storage 24/7 anytime, anywhere online. According to the company, implementing the eVideo Cloud Storage solution eliminates unnecessary costs involved with on-site storage of video information.

eAttendanceManager —eAttendanceManager offers a Web-based time and attendance solution for day-to-day business functionality. The solution uses secure Web technology to allow for real-time communication between employees and human resources wherever they have access to the Internet. With this anytime, anywhere functionality, employees can make requests for absences, vacations and schedule changes from an IP-based terminal or anywhere online. Stanley eAttendanceManager can streamline routine workforce management tasks, reduce absenteeism and save companies time and money.

eAlarmManager —The eAlarmManager service allows subscribers the ability to control their security systems, while on-the-go or online. Customers can easily and quickly arm or disarm the system, bypass and force arm, know the system status and more. eAlarmManager uses IP and GSM technology and can be used via Stanley’s online eServices and Mobile Apps at anytime from anywhere.

eInform Customer Notification – Stay in the Know with Stanley —With Stanley’s eInform, customers receive real-time information updates, whether at work, at home or on the go. At ASIS, Stanley introduced Service En Route, a key component of its eInform services.

The eInform service notifies customers via e-mail when the service call is scheduled, allowing customers to schedule their work day. The customer is further notified when the service technician is en route, providing critical information including GPS location of the technician, estimated time of arrival, name, photo and qualifications of the technician as well as details of the service request. 

Biometrics —Stanley CSS is also introducing an affordable iris biometric solution, the Hoyos EyeSwipe® Nano. “The Nano offers all the features of the best-in-class EyeSwipe product line at a price point that allows it to be implemented at every door in a facility, including outdoor use,” said Lance Holloway, director technology strategy for Stanley CSS.

Stanleyentered into an exclusive partnership with Hoyos Corp. in April 2011, distributing Hoyos’ suite of iris identity management products to its customers.