Hacking, data theft and security system compromise are in the news daily. And as the internet of Things (loT) continues to introduce more network-connected sensors and devices, security dealers need to offer customers cyber-hardened products. The Connect ONE Web-hosted service from Connected Technologies LLC is purpose-built with safeguards that make it extremely difficult for unauthorized persons to use bots and other malicious tools to access systems.

The Connect ONE interface allows for a limited amount of login attempts, with bolstered safeguards. Three log-in fields, not two, are required: user name, password and customer number, making hacking more difficult. After the first three unsuccessful attempts the CAPTCHA prompt appears — a human verification response test.  After additional failed attempts, the Connect ONE interface log-in shuts down and as an additional safeguard the incoming IP address is locked out for a period of time.

Visit www.simplifywithconnectone.com for more information.