Defendify’s new, Web-based platform — a SaaS model — is a holistic solution and concept designed for the small business market. The focus is on a layered approach of: 1. technology that goes beyond traditional antivirus and firewalls; 2. culture of employee awareness and institutional knowledge; and 3. A foundation of policies, procedures and plans. Defendify is simple and affordable, with three program options starting as low as $9 per user, per month and ready to scale up as an organization grows.

“Defendify is the only cyber security platform built from the ground up that targets a definite void for smaller organizations,” said Andrew Rinaldi, co-founder. “While most are scrambling to serve the enterprise, we serve the undercurrent of America’s economy — small business.”

Partner and Co-Founder Rob Simopoulos adds, “Cyber security is a posture — not a project — that every organization needs to embrace without a complicated and expensive process. Defendify is revolutionizing cyber security. It’s an ongoing program of cyber security that businesses will use daily to protect themselves from mistakes and malicious threats. It’s streamlined, super-accessible, and genuinely affordable with its online delivery.”

Defendify works for Small Business by serving as:

  • A cyber security dashboard with insights, reports, notifications and cybersecurity tools.
  • A cyber security support system with cyber security resources and recommendations.
  • A website for managing cyber security, quickly and easily.

With a simple log-in, users can view all aspects of their cyber security program in one place. Defendify brings together a variety of features, products and services that complement each other and deliver multiple, key layers of cyber security.

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