In its first month patrolling San Francisco’s Mission District, K-9, a 5-ft. tall, 400-lb. autonomous security robot, despite suffering abuse and seeming to contribute to a crime reduction in the area, was pulled off duty for allegations of targeting the homeless, according to The Washington Post

Although the robot, similar to the one shown above, was reported to have been besmirched by bar-b-que sauce, befouled by feces, trammeled by a tarp, and nearly toppled by a human, it soldiered on, snapping hundreds of photos a minute, and sending the photos and video footage to animal rescue group SPCA’s — the organization employing K-9’s services — employees.

It was when reports of the bullet-shaped robot’s tendency to target San Francisco’s homeless population began to explode across social media that the president of SPCA announced the security robot pilot program was suspended effective immediately. 

While this intrepid android didn’t meet its demise in a decorative fountain, it looks as though its overzealous fulfillment of its prime operative landed it in hot water anyway.

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