Eagle Eye Networks Inc. announced the enhancement of the Eagle Eye Video API Platform to support large scale deployments with advanced integration requirements. The Eagle Eye API Platform delivers a robust set of enterprise-wide APIs for customers’ use in easily integrating storage, analytics, indexing, and third-party interfaces with both live and recorded surveillance video.

The Eagle Eye Video API Platform can be used for integration, analysis, big data research, or the development of completely new applications. Eagle Eye already supports unrestricted camera counts and locations, and this latest API enhancement expands support to advanced functionality deployments.

“My app was incredibly easy to build, and Eagle Eye does all of the heavy lifting in terms of interfacing to the cameras and securely transmitting video to the cloud,” stated Alain Eav, president of Rovitracker Inc. “We already gather data from portable equipment and assets, and by enabling cloud video into our offering, our customers gain an additional set of critical data from their remote worksites.”

The Eagle Eye Video API Platform supports thousands of camera types, both IP and analog. The platform uses the Eagle Eye Big Data Video Framework, with time-based data structures for indexing, search, retrieval and analysis of the video. It then offers API access to integrate alerts, user interfaces, applications, and analysis ranging from simple searches to big data analytics.

“The enhancement of our video API platform enables developers to create and deliver scalable innovations faster with far fewer resources,” said Dean Drako, CEO and founder of Eagle Eye Networks. “The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS is built on the Eagle Eye Video API Platform, and we are committed to providing open API support.”

With the Eagle Eye Video API Platform, existing security cameras can be transformed into intelligent tools for sales, marketing, business operations improvement and planning, social media, and more. Developers, integrators and businesses can search, modify, tag, play, share, and stream the video in their apps with a few lines of code. They can leverage existing cameras, build new video surveillance systems, create video alerting applications, improve traditional integrations of point-of-sale and access control systems, and much more.

Visit https://www.eagleeyenetworks.com/solutions/api-developers for more information on the Eagle Eye Video API Platform.